Wanna be a voting activist superstar?  
Work your way through our
Automatic Voter Registration Activist Kit!

  • CALL YOUR STATE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE, and ask their staff if they're co-sponsoring H.2091, Automatic Voter Registration.  If so, thank them, tell them why you like it, and ask it'll come up for a vote this fall.  If not, ask if you can make an appointment to talk with them, either in person or on the phone.  Encourage them to support it, and tell them why you do.  Find your Representative HERE.
  • HAVE A POSTCARD-SENDING PARTY.  Print out ours, or hand -write your own.  Tell your House Representative, and any and all others, why you want them to pass AVR NOW!  
  • SEND A LETTER TO THE EDITOR of your local paper.  There can never be enough.  Samples HERE.  [Link TK]
  • POST OUR FLYER - and send it to your friends in the eastern part of the state.
  • SHARE THIS INTERVIEW TO FACEBOOK page and tell folks to call their House Reps YESTERDAY!  And ask them to bring AVR to a vote, this fall!  
  • CALL THE REPRESENTATIVES on the back of that flyer, who didn't co-sponsor it — and encourage them to support the bill!
  • JOIN OUR TWITTER STORM on OCTOBER 30th.  Hashtag: #AVRinMA Use it to tweet the reason you want AVR, and retweet others on that day!  And no one will make a citizens' arrest if you start using that hashtag, NOW.