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If your state's in CrossCheck, get it out.
If your state's NOT in ERIC, get it in.




  • LEARN  Click HERE to get the facts on ERIC, so that you can advocate for it.  
  • SPREAD  Post the ERIC video, and start asking why your state hasn't joined it, and inviting others to work on it with you. 
  • ASK Call the state office of your state's League of Women Voters, any nearby activist groups, justice groups, the ACLU, Common Cause, and ask them if they're pressuring your Secretary of State to leave CrossCheck.    
  • Call your Secretary of State's office, and ask if they are actively sending data to CrossCheck.  If so, ask them when they plan to stop, and if you can send them the CrossCheck fact sheet.  Tell them the date by which you'll follow up, and follow up.  
  • CHALLENGE If they are not still sending data, ask why your state hasn't officially declared that it has left CrossCheclk.  They've seen the problems, so why are they still, giving the public appearance of participation?  
  • ORGANIZE.  Find voters who live in the district of the Chair of your state legislature's Committee on Elections.  Contact your state's League of Women Voters chapter; or an interfaith group, or any non-partisan voting group operating in your state.
  • STRATEGIZE  Make an appointment to talk to every Representative on your state legislature's Joint Committee on Elections.

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