#AVRinMA: The Death of our Lead Sponsor

So there's good news and bad news.  

First, the good: H.2091 jumped a big hurdle, and got favorably voted out of committee.  But sadly, not long after, our Lead Sponsor, Peter Kokot, unexpectedly died.  Mr. Kokot was a powerful champion for H.2091, and we may not find another like him.  So we're going to have to redouble our efforts.  We need to secure our voter rolls!

We're confident that once we get the bill up for a vote, it'll pass. Our challenge is, to make enough noise with legislators, to persuade Speaker DeLeo to put it up for a vote.     

Why AVR is so important, you wonder?  Well, for starters: AVR would make our voter rolls accurate—putting all eligible voters on the rolls, and ONLY eligible voters on the rolls.  It would secure our voter rolls from hacking, too.  Most importantly: 15% of the eligible voters in MA remain unregistered.  AVR would register nearly ALL of them -- close to 700,000 eligible voters.  To learn more about AVR, click here.