A Black Woman in TX has been sentenced to FIVE YEARS for voting on parole.

So a Trump supporter who voted twice, claiming the system was "rigged", got 3 yrs probation and a $750 fine.  And a Republican local chairman who fraudulently filled out his ex-wife's ballot, and forged her signature -- he got probation and community service.

This woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison despite the fact that her ballot was caught and not even processed.  

Loss of voting rights is the stem of every other form of trouble.  

We've got a new page on the website: NATIONAL WORK YOU CAN DO.  
Item 4: Florida reenfranchisement. Florida, in terms of felony disenfranchisement, is in a class by itself: It disenfranchises 14% of its adult population, and it's one of three states along with IA and KY that PERMANENTLY disenfranchises returning citizens unless they get a pardon. 

FLORIDA RIGHTS RESTORATION coalition got felony reenfranchisement on the November 2018 ballot. They need 60% of the vote. We've got 3 ways to help, so check it out! AND SEND IT TO FOLKS YOU KNOW IN FLORIDA.


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