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Georgia: Purged Voter Phone Bank

Georgia’s Registration Deadline: Tuesday, Oct. 9, October 5pm. We’re helping the New Georgia Coalition contact some of the 700,000 voters who were purged, to ask them to check their registration and reregister.



Step 1: Watch This

  • This video explains how to use the website.

  • Share this link in a post on your Facebook page before you go to the next step.

  • Tag anyone you know in Georgia


Step 2: Fill out New Georgia’s Form

Step 3: Log In Using Your ActionID

  • If you have never used VAN or MiniVan, you will have to create an ActionID to begin.

  • Enter one of these codes, depending on who you want to talk to:

    • Under 30 Voters: E37AC2B-151175

    • Over 30 Voters: CF6AC2D-951300

Step 4: Prepare to Call.


Step 6. Begin Calling with your Cell Phone.

  • The County Script will pop up.

  • If a voter does not show up in the MVP system, ask them where they LAST voted. They may be registered in another county. 

  • Record all the information you receive.