Fair and secure elections are important to us all.
Automatic Voter Registration is a common-sense step
we can take to help safeguard our elections.

BENEFITS OF THE BILL     (H. 2091 - read it here) 

  • Security: We need to secure our voter rolls, and to protect the integrity of our elections.
  • Accuracy: State agencies like the RMV already collect contact information that's far more accurate.  AVR securely transfers it to the Board of Elections, monthly.  In Oregon, the first state to pass AVR, 265,000 inaccurate voter records were eliminated.
  • Participation: AVR removes unnecessary barriers to registration, giving 680,000 eligible Massachusetts residents the ability to participate.  This is important for people who move, and need to reregister: for example, young families and military personnel.
  • Convenience: Shifting from an opt-in model to an opt-out one makes registration more convenient.  Voters who move within the state, STAY registered.
  • Modernization: By eliminating outdated paper registration, AVR reduces bureaucracy -- and often saves taxpayers money.  

(Yeah, we're talkin' to YOU.  The whole thing will take you less time than registering one person, by paper.)


#1: CALL Find Your House Representative’s Phone
#2: WRITE Write Your House Rep a Letter (There's a draft in Common Cause's form, do your own thing with it.)
#3: TWEET and retweet #AVRinMA — on Monday @ 1pm.  (You can also do it this w/end.)  #AVRinMA and if you have space, #mapoli, @SpeakerDeLeo, and/or Your Rep’s Handle.
#4: SEND A POSTCARD to the House Leaders, say you support this bill, give one of the reasons below, and ask them to bring it to a vote, this fall!  Handwrite your own, or Use Common Cause's Template
#5: WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR -- There can never be too many.  Get sample letters from Common Cause, HERE.

or use our template HERE

 WHAT TO SAY: (Letters, Phone Calls: Let’s pass Automatic Voter Registration, this fall!   And: 

  • We all want secure and fair elections.  We need to secure our voter rolls against hacking.
  • Our democracy's strongest when every one has the ability to participate.
  • AVR could save us a lot of money - one study put the cost of processing a new electronic registration, with AVR, at $.03 as opposed to $3.84 for a paper one.
  • AVR makes the voter rolls more accurate.  If you move within state, you stay registered.
  • AVR reduces bureaucracy.  State agencies already have the contact information the Board of Elections collects, so why collect it twice? 
  • Voters want the Convenience: AVR removes unnecessary barriers to registration, and it keeps people who move within the state, registered.  

WHAT TO TWEET: (Tweet with #AVRinMA and RETWEET those who use that hashtag during the day.  

  • Automatic Voter Registration is a proven solution to create fair, accessible, and secure elections. http://bit.ly/2xk8ZWf #AVRinMA #mapoli
  • Why #AVRinMA? It's simple: we want elections to be more inclusive, accurate, and secure. Contact your reps today! http://bit.ly/2xbbHZY
  • Automatic Voter Registration makes our elections better for all. We need your help to get it to a vote! #AVRinMA http://bit.ly/2xbbHZY
  • MA's AVR bill would join us with ERIC, an interstate program that checks data to make voting more secure. #AVRinMA http://wapo.st/2yFffYn

Halloween Tweets (only Monday):

  • Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are scary. Registering to vote shouldn't be. Let's pass Automatic Voter Registration! #AVRinMA #mapoli [TAG YOUR REPRESENTATIVE]
  • Registering to vote shouldn't be scary. Let's pass Automatic Voter Registration this fall! @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan #AVRinMA #mapoli [TAG YOUR REPRESENTATIVE]
  • Registering to vote shouldn’t be tricky--Automatic Voter Reg. will make it a treat. Pass H.2091 soon @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan #AVRinMA #mapoli
  • Let's make sure Election Day is less frightening than Halloween! #AVRinMA makes our elections more accurate & secure @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan
  • As the leaves change color, we have the chance to make change, too. Automatic Voter Reg. will better our elections #AVRinMA [NOTE: TAG YOUR REPRESENTATIVE}


Write us an email at lifteveryvote AT gmail.com.  We'll put you on our next Zoom call.  The next scheduled one is Sunday, Oct 29 at 6pm.   














  • CALL YOUR STATE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE, and ask them to support H.2091, Automatic Voter Registration.  And tell them why you do, too!  Then ask someone else in your district to call, too!            Find your Representative HERE.  
  • SEND SOME POSTCARDS: Print out ours, or hand-write your own.  Tell your House Rep. why you support AVR and ask them to!  
  • SEND A LETTER TO THE EDITOR of your local paper.  There can never be enough.  
    Samples HERE [link coming].                  Published Letters HERE.  

  • POST OUR FLYER - and send it to your friends in the eastern part of the state

For extra credit activities, write us at Lift Every Vote!


Interview about AVR, the superhero voting upgrade: 

Berkshire Democratic Brigades presents Common Sense Guest: Joyce Hackett, Lift+Every+Vote