We teach citizens how to defend our democracy’s critical infrastructure.


Voting’s a complex field with too many moving parts. We break it down, and help citizens how to prioritize, plan, and execute effective voting advocacy. Our three criteria for the actions we organize: they've got a clear path to victory; they're large-scale, structural, biggest-bang-for-the-buck levers that have the potential to lift the most votes; and they involve work that average activists can do.
We work only on registration, access, and verification. 

Our goal: universal suffrage.    

Our projects include:

  • Developing teaching materials that help citizens understand our election systems, and translate it into high-impact social media campaigns

  • Organizing quick response efforts to fight voter suppression initiatives

  • Helping activists work towards large-scale voting improvements like Automatic Voter Registration

  • Helping to elect pro-voting Secretaries of State

  • Identify and amplifying biggest-bang-for-the-buck projects other voting organizations have designed

  • Identifying small, powerful ways that ordinary citizens can do to protect our elections. 



Our facebook group, Lift+Every+Vote, you will find daily posts  of voting articles, and studies.  Join us HERE!  





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