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Massachusetts Town Clerk Association's Statement on AVR

  • While the Massachusetts Town Clerks Association (MTCA) has taken no formal vote in support or opposition to House Bill 2091 and Senate Bill 373, the Association does affirm and support the tenets laid out in both bills under a proposed new section (Section 65) to Chapter 51; and

  • Whereas both bills espouse fundamental principles of fairness and access to voting and voter registration and seek to make these principles part of the election laws by mandating the promulgation of regulations; namely:

i.         increasing the efficiency and limiting the total cost of voter registration for the commonwealth and its municipalities;
ii.         ensuring that every eligible citizen of the commonwealth is registered to vote unless they do not want to be registered;
iii.         increasing the completeness and accuracy of the register of voters;
iv.         preventing erroneous disenfranchisement of eligible citizens;
v.         promoting greater participation of eligible voters in elections;
vi.         protecting ineligible voters from improperly being registered; ans
vii.         preventing voter registration fraud; and

  • Whereas the Association stands ready to partner with the State Secretary on the promulgation of said regulations as the Association has done on numerous previous occasions; 

The Association therefore offer no objection to the passage of either bill and/or a compromise bill to be offered through the joint committee on this matter.