ACTION: Contact Press to Cover Hackability of Electronic Voting Systems

1) ACTION: Contact Press to Cover Hackability of Electronic Voting Systems


Email asking them to cover hackability of electronic voting systems and all the shady dealings around them. Here's a script to use as a template or verbatim:

Subj: Why are electronic voting systems so vulnerable?

Hi Frontline,

The 2020 election may be America's only chance to get rid of a lawless president, his administration, and their enablers in Congress. But should we rely on electronic voting machines to deliver an accurate outcome? Please do a deep dive into the hackability of voting systems in this country. The last time you featured this topic (before the 2018 mid-terms in States Race to Secure Their Voting Systems Before Hackers Strike Again) you focused on foreign interference. There is so much more.

Why are these machines so vulnerable? New "Hybrid" Voting System Can Change Paper Ballot After It's Been Cast

Why do jurisdictions purchase them despite cybersecurity expert warnings against?

Philly's Voting Machine Fiasco is Even Worse than you Thought

Ballot-Marking Devices Cannot Assure the Will of the People

Why do voting machine vendors get to be so secretive about their systems when they're literally holding our democracy in their hands? Hacks, Security Gaps, and Oligarchs: The business of voting comes under scrutiny

What's with the cozy relationship between buyers and sellers and politicians and lobbyists?

Trips to Vegas & Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Election Vendors Come Under Scrutiny

Who's Behind Voting Machine Makers Across the Nation: Money of Unclear Origins

22 Counties in Kentucky Use Voting Machines from Company [ES&S] That Donated $30K to GOP

How Voting Machine Lobbyists Undermine the Democratic Process

Why isn't this in the news way more often? (Dan Rather also wants to know, as he states in the I Voted? documentary)

Please can you cover this to help bring this to mainstream media?

Thank you