ACTION: Lobby GOP Sens for election security (pass this on).

1) ACTION: Lobby GOP Sens for election security (pass this on).

I'm distributing pre-written scripts that people can use to lobby Congress. Here's the explainer and link to the script below that. Please use (if appropriate) distribute to your networks. Thank you! (PS If you would like to receive these links in your email box, FB Message me your email address.)


For constituents of GOP Senators, especially residents of AK, FL & OK

In late June, the House passed appropriations bill HR3351, which allocates money for the states to fund secure election infrastructure (among many other budget items).

Next step: Demand Senators pass the bill. Because it is an appropriations (budget) bill, it can be passed despite interference from McConnell as long as at least two Republican senators join the Democrats in supporting it. The Secure Elections Network, a grassroots group of Indivisibles and others, is specifically targeting Senators Murkowski (AK), Rubio (FL), & Lankford (OK) because of their past support for election security.