Postcards & Twitter: How to make a Difference at Home

and ask speaker deleo to put this up for a vote!

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Here's a postcard we designed, which you can purchase on Vistaprint — just click the image and it'll take you through to the page.  Constituents should send these to their legislators!

A generic address is on the reverse -— all you have to do is fill in "Representative First Last", plus the Room #.




  • If your Rep isn't on board, invite your neighbors to a Postcard Party!
    Get in touch, we'll help you.
  • Postcard to Speaker DeLeo (not a flood, just one per citizen)
  • Look at the towns on the main page, see if you know anyone in one of those districts — and ask them to do the same!

Step 1: Speaker DeLeo: the single most important postcard.  


Speaker Robert DeLeo
State House, Rm 356
24 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02133

TOP MESSAGE: Please put H.2091 up for a vote!  

And write a personal message or use any message on this page.  

We LOVE H.2091, Automatic Voter Registration!   

Hands down, H.2091, Automatic Voter Registration will be the best bill of the year.  

AVR makes the rolls secure and accurate and this is a top priority for ALL voters.  

All eligible voters on the rolls, only eligible voters on the rolls: AVR is a dream come true! 

Step 2: Your Rep.

Does your Rep support AVR?

  • If yes: Thank them!  Tell them you appreciate their support for AVR, and that you hope they'll do what they can to help bring it up for a vote! 

  • If NO: HAVE A POSTCARD PARTY.  And ask your neighbors, one by one, to send postcards and to call.  Sign each postcard, and put your address, so Reps know you're a constituent.  

    Tell your Rep why you're passionate about AVR, and ask them to support and vote YES on H.2091!   

Step 3. Democratic NON-
co-sponsors of AVR.

TOP MESSAGE: AVR is a bill that will positively impact every voter, and taxpayer, in this state!  
Secure and fair elections are important to us all!  

AVR produces rolls that are secure and accurate, maintained at cheaper cost.  And it could register almost 700,000 eligible voters!    

We need to secure our voter rolls from tampering and interference, NOW.  

Step 4: Supporters in leadership positions — thank them! 

TOP MESSAGE: Thanks for supporting AVR!  Please champion this bill and talk to Speaker DeLeo!  

Step 4: Send to non-supporters & Republicans.  

TOP MESSAGE: Are you on board yet with AVR?  Secure and fair elections are important to us all.

Also: Republican-specific messages:

  • AVR makes the voter rolls accurate — which protects non-citizens from ending up on the rolls, AND protects Americans who want to ensure that only eligible citizens are registered.
  • We need to secure our voter rolls from tampering and interference, NOW.  
  • AVR cuts down on bureaucracy.  The State's now collecting voter contact data 2, 3 or 4 times, and AVR cuts down on red tape and bureaucracy.
  • This bill helps working families, military families, renters, and other people who move a lot.