Cheer On Supporters, and Challenge Holdouts
with Postcards, Letters, and Social Media

Now that you've completed these steps (you have,
haven't you?) you're ready to amplify your messages! 



Postcards: A Great Way to Make a Difference, from Home

Our postcards are pre-printed and addressed on the back:
all you have to do is add "Representative NAME", and their Room #.


Priority 1: Cheer On Supporters

Message: Please champion H.4320, and ask Speaker DeLeo to put it up for a vote!

(when you write to your own rep, sign it and put your address)

  • 11 states have already passed AVR - we want to be # 12!  

  • AVR is a bill that will positively impact every voter in this state!

  • We need to secure our voter rolls from tampering and interference, NOW!

  • Secure and fair elections are important to us all.   

Priority 2: Speaker DeLeo

(Each person sends one signed, addressed card.)

Message: Please put H.4320
up for a vote - as soon as possible! 


Speaker Robert DeLeo
State House, Rm 356
24 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02133

Priority 3: Challenge Holdouts

Message: We'd love your help passing H.4320, Automatic Voter Registration!

After your conversation with your Representative: 

  • Ask your neighbors to call, too.

  • Have a postcard party!

  • Send one each to your Rep, with your name, address and signature.  Then send one to Speaker DeLeo.  Then send the rest to the 32 Dems who still aren't publicly on board.





Newspapers and Traditional Media

Write a letter to your local saying, AVR has been favorably voted out of committee, and Secretary Galvin has endorsed AVR.  It's time to ask Speaker DeLeo to put H.4320 up for a vote!  

Even if a letters been published in your paper, sending in a letter tells the paper to keep covering AVR.  If you want help, get in touch.  

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.44.46 PM.png

Tweet and Retweet  #AVRinMA and  #mapoli

Thank supporters, and tag them.  
Ask them to ask @SpeakerDeLeo to put H.4320 up for a vote—before the budget
talks begin!  

Tag the speaker, Reps, and leadership. 

Wish someone had compiled all the handles and contact info for all the MA State Representatives?

Honey, Progressive MA is WAY ahead of you.

Facebook Tagging

We put up frequent posts about voting and AVR on Lift+Every+Vote, and one great strategy is to share them onto your group page, tagging your Rep -- or, simply tag them on our page in the comments.  Thank them!  Or, ask if they're supporting AVR.