Hey, here's a great thing: Alex Halderman -- one of the country's top election computer scientists -- has designed a free Coursera course on Securing Digital Democracy.  And it's great! 

Rick Hasen's Election Law Blog: A pretty comprehensive news source for sorry-a#@ voting developments.  Written by academics, but there's a blurb on each blog entry. 

The Brennan Center: This is a research organization out of NYU that looks at the legal aspects of voting and voter suppression all over the country.  Really interesting.

Verified Voting: An organization run by serious computer scientists looking about the vulnerabilities in our counting systems: machines, data transfers, lack of verification.  Go there to become depressed and informed.  Bottom line: all machines are hackable; all connect to something that connects to the internet; and it's not just the machines that can be hackable, it's the cards they put into them, the laptops that tally, etc.

End Cross Check: An effort led by an activist in Kansas, and supported by Indivisible Chicago, whose taxpayers pay for Cross Check and will have to foot the bill for any lawsuits.