Voting Research: Useful Studies

Studies and tools to learn more about voting, and bolster your advocacy with your electeds.  This page contains research on three topics: Voter Registration Problems, Voter Registration Solutions, and Election Security.


Registration: Problems


This study by the Brennan Center looks at the extraordinary level of disenfranchisement in Florida.


START HERE, PERIOD.  Did you know that 23 states disenfranchise 5% of their population, and 8 states disenfranchise over 7%?

felony disenfranchisement

Only two states have separate the rights of citizenship from punishments for crimes. 48 others restrict voting for those in prison - and some never give back the right to vote.  Read more from the Sentencing Project.  

How ID Laws Discriminate

infrequent voter purges

Infrequent voter purges, which remove voters who haven't voted in a couple of elections, from the rolls.  The Supreme Court is examining the legality of these purges in a case this session.


Another study on how many voters are removed from the rolls, nationwide.  What other fundamental right do Americans have to exercise in order to keep?

Strict id laws

In both primaries and general elections, this study demonstrates, Strict ID laws skew results in favor of whites and those on the political right.
For the short version: read this article in The Atlantic.

duplicate records, double voting

This study looks at the statistical  frequency of actual double voting in presidential elections, and how accurate CrossCheck is in identifying duplicates.

Registration: Strategies that Work

pre-registration of
16- and 17-year-olds

Demos published this great report on how pre-registering 16 and 17 year olds to vote increases participation in our democracy among those with most at stake for our future.

localities taking the lead 

In states without AVR, localities can take the lead on registering voters.  Using local government agencies to register voters, and mandating that landlords offer registration forms, can bridge some of the gaps.

automatic voter registration

AVR is the gold standard for how voters are registered, and it's how every other G20 country but the US, does it.  The Brennan Center has produced a great introduction to AVR.

Verification: Problems and Recommendations

Ballot Design

gets in the way of votes being counted!  Read this report from the Brennan Center on how design can be improved.

Congressional Task Force on Election Security

Here's their final report!

Election security in all 50 states

The Center for American Progress has graded all 50 states on election security.  Learn where your state stands!

Principles of Verified Voting

What does verified voting mean?  Read this report from Verified Voting, and learn how we can create elections whose results can be checked and verified.