Fair and secure elections are important to us all.  
We focus on the basics of voting, to ensure that all eligible voters are able to vote, and all votes get counted.  
Our goal: to train citizens to help maintain our democracy's critical infrastructure.


Automatic voter registration is a common-sense step we can take to safeguard our elections.

it would also register up to 680,000 eligible, currently unregistered voters in  massachusetts.

 10 states have passed AVR.  let's make massachusetts


LEV is working with the MA Election Modernization Coalition to help pass  H.2091 and S. 373.  (Read the bill here) 

We need to secure our voter rolls, and protect the integrity of our elections.  AVR make the rolls far more accurate by using voter contact information that state agencies like the RMV already collect, and transferring that information, unless voters opt out of the registration process, to the Board of Elections on a monthly basis.  AVR doesn't change how we vote, but it makes registration easier, both for the government and for voters.  By eliminating outdated paper registrations, and the human errors handwriting introduces, AVR reduces bureaucracy.  And, it could save us a lot of money.     


Actions You Can Take Now, to Help

  • Join our press conference at the State House in Boston: Thursday 11/9, 11-12 a.m.
  • Join our Twitter Storm, Thursday 11/9, 2-3 p.m by tweeting and retweeting #AVRinMA!  (If you have space, #mapoli, or tag @SpeakerDeLeo, or Your Rep’s Handle.
  • CALL YOUR HOUSE REP.  This link shows their phone, email, and co-sponsor status.  If they're co-sponsoring, THANK THEM and if not, TELL THEM WHY YOU SUPPORT AVR.  And either way: ASK THEM TO CHAMPION THE BILL!
  • HELP US MAKE PHONE CALLS TO VOTERS - we'll give you a list and a script.
  •  WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR - there can never be too many. Get samples  here.
  • SEND a POSTCARD to Speaker DeLeo, and ask him to bring AVR to a vote, this fall!
  • SEND POSTCARDS TO ALL THE CO-SPONSORS IN THE HOUSE, thanking them for supporting AVR, and asking them to champion the bill! 


  • We all want secure and fair elections.  We need to secure our voter rolls against hacking.
  • Our democracy's strongest when every one has the ability to participate.
  • AVR could save us a lot of money. - one study put the cost of processing a new electronic registration, with AVR, at $.03 as opposed to $3.84 for a paper one.
  • AVR makes the voter rolls more accurate and accurate.  If you move within state, you stay registered.
  • AVR reduces bureaucracy, and it could save us a lot of money, so what are you waiting for?  
  • Voters want the convenience: AVR removes unnecessary barriers to registration, and people who move within the State, registered.  
  • Automatic Voter Registration is a proven solution to create fair, accessible, and secure elections. http://bit.ly/2xk8ZWf #AVRinMA #mapoli
  • Why #AVRinMA? It's simple: we want elections to be more inclusive, accurate, and secure. Contact your reps today! http://bit.ly/2xbbHZY
  • Automatic Voter Registration makes our elections better for all. We need your help to get it to a vote! #AVRinMA http://bit.ly/2xbbHZY
  • MA's AVR bill would join us with ERIC, an interstate program that checks data to make voting more secure. #AVRinMA http://wapo.st/2yFffYn

For extra credit activities, write us at Lift Every Vote!


Berkshire Democratic Brigades presents Common Sense Guest: Joyce Hackett, Lift+Every+Vote